Emergency Medical Services

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, phone 911 immediately.

Flagstaff County Emergency Medical Services (FCEMS) consists of four ambulances stationed throughout the County, staffed by Emergency Medical Technician - Ambulance's (EMT-A's) who are also registered to provide advanced skills. There is an ambulance stationed in the Town of Daysland (fire hall), the Town of Killam (fire hall), the Town of Hardisty (hospital) and the Village of Forestburg (fire hall).

Staff members at each location are responsible for providing compassionate, professional care to those who require assistance within Flagstaff County. In addition to emergency care, personnel also provide care to patients being transferred from one of the Health Care facilities in the County to a higher level facility.

We also make ourselves available to the neighboring municipalities to provide mutual aid as the need arises. In order to ensure complete coverage of the County, while an ambulance is providing service, the remaining ambulances expand their boundaries to ensure that the needs of the entire county continue to me met.

The FCEMS staff at each location is responsible for daily maintenance checks of all of the equipment. It is up to each staff member to ensure that they maintain a professional working knowledge of the equipment in order to provide the best prehospital care as each unique incident occurs.

As a part of their continuing education, each area schedules an inservice training session each month, prepared by one of the full time members and for all members to attend. Staff members must maintain a healthy working relationship amongst themselves, and with other emergency services personal in order to provide the most efficient and effective care possible.

FCEMS personnel pride themselves in their dedication, professionalism and commitment to providing the best service possible to all the residents and visitors within the boundaries of Flagstaff County.