Hardisty Fire - Rescue

Fire Chief Todd Baumgartner

Fire Chief: Todd Baumgartner
Deputy Chief: Hobie Campbell

If you are interested in joining the Hardisty Fire - Rescue please feel free to print off, or save and email, an Application Form to the above email address.

firecrest_thumbFire Department Members

Todd Baumgartner: Chief                       Hobie Campbell - Deputy Chief                      Tim Abel -  Captain
Logan Campbell: FF                                  Jeff Moore: FF                                                      Shaun Jones: FF                        
Bryan Walker: FF                                        Kristen Kobitzsch: FF                                          Cory Spencer: FF                                       
Niel Nickel: FF                                             Connor Metz: FF                                                  Tylene Swanson: FF
Blake Moser: FF                                           Ivan Lesmeister: FF                                             Mason Drozdowski: FF

Blanche Nelson: Logistics
Neal Nelson: Logistics
Expense Claims      2016-02 Moore J Spencer C        2016-02 Clark S


HFD Snuffer Unit

HFD Pumper

HFD Rescue Unit

HFD Gear


Ice Rescue Training

Ice_Rescue_Training_16  Ice_Rescue_Training_1

Ice_Rescue_Training_3  Ice_Rescue_Training_11