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Highway 13 access from 47 Street permanently closed

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Good Morning Residents, As part of the Highway 13 & 881 construction project undertaken by Alberta Transportation, Highway 13 access from 47 Street/Range Road 100A is now permanently closed. Residents and businesses will be required to use Highway 881 & 13 access for entry into Hardisty. Please be patient as a new access will be forthcoming in the days ahead. This will be the new 48 Street access onto Highway 13. Thank you, Sandy Otto CAO, Town of Hardisty More...

Road closures as Highway 13/881 construction begins on July 7

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Your days are numbered! Stantec has advised the Town of Hardisty that by Friday, July 7, the accesses at 47 Street and Range Road 100 onto Highway 13 will be removed. ALL traffic currently using this access will need to use Highway 881 and Highway 13 access until the new 48 Street road is built. The access currently used by Recon to provide them access onto Highway 13 will also be removed. Sandy Otto CAO, Town of Hardisty
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