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Posted on Tuesday March 17, 2015 at 08:53AM

 Town of Hardisty Businesses & Residents – Notice of Discoloration of Water

Good Afternoon Everyone,

You may notice that your water has a yellow tinge to it this past week.  This is due to iron/manganese build up in our distribution lines.  Spring is upon us, our underground temperature is starting to change which causes changes in chlorine precipitation which means that we have to increase chlorine levels to make sure we have proper residual amounts at our far end users in order to meet Alberta Environment’s Code.  As we increase chlorine levels (for proper disinfection) chlorine starts to react with the iron/manganese build up from all the years of no treated water going through our distribution lines.  When we say “treated” we are meaning for iron and manganese reduction.  As the chemists’ say “with every action is a reaction”.  This DOES NOT change the QUALITY of our drinking water, however esthetically it does not look appetizing.  For those of you with water softners or other types of filters on your drinking water supply you may not notice this discoloration.  The Town of Hardisty drinking water is still good for all public consumption requirements. 

The Town of Hardisty will commence fire hydrant flushing in the coming weeks which is a process to not only make sure our fire protection is in good working order but it is also a practice that is done twice a year by the municipality to make sure our distribution system is cleared of any organic particle build up. 

The Town of Hardisty will be advising our businesses and residents a few days in advance before we start the fire hydrant flushing program. 

Thank you all for notifying us of the changes in your water we greatly appreciate it.


Sandy Otto



Author: Town of Hardisty


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