Boating Permits

Posted on Thursday May 07, 2015 at 10:56AM

 A Hardisty Water Resources Committee is in place to provide advice and direction on behalf of Town Council regarding water management and the water permits and licensing from Alberta Environment.
This board will also provide advice and direction and oversee all boating rules, buoys, boat launch and safety concerns on Hardisty Lake. The board charges boating fees to help with the costs of operations.

• 2015 Hardisty Lake Annual Fee - $60.00
• All persons driving a boat or watercraft in 2015 are required to obtain a valid Canadian Pleasure Craft Operating Card and Liability insurance.
• The local RCMP, Alberta Game Wardens may be present and will be available for vessel inspections in 2015.


1. Annual docking fee is $60.00/permit/vessel payable to the Town of Hardisty.
2. The maximum number of motorized vessels operating on Hardisty Lake at one time is three.
3. Operation of the vessel will be in a manner that will not be a hazard to any other vessels.
4. The direction of travel on Hardisty Lake is anti-clockwise.
5. No boating is allowed after dark.
6. The maximum allowable number of rounds per vessel around Hardisty Lake per turn is three times. (Please allow others their turn when the lake is busy)
7. Vessels speed is 10 km/hr maximum within 30 meters of shoreline.
8. All vessels are to avoid the swimming areas which are identified by buoys.
9. All vessels must have an annual Hardisty Lake permit/sticker visible on their vessel.
10. Violation of lake rules will result in Hardisty Lake annual permit revoked and charges may result

Author: Town of Hardisty


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