Iconic-Hardisty CIBC to merge with Provost CIBC

Posted on Thursday September 15, 2016 at 07:28PM

Sept. 15th, 2016: Iconic-Hardisty CIBC to merge with Provost CIBC  Hardisty Branch doors to Close March 3rd, 2017
Sad day for the Town of Hardisty to hear that a part of our 100+ years of banking services in our community will be closing their branch doors early March 2017. Hardisty CIBC Branch will be part of the move to Virtual banking is the wave of the future. As iconic as our local branch maybe, bricks ‘n mortar are a part of our past in the minds of our bigger corporate financial institutions . Continuing to be financially responsible to turn a dividend to their shareholders the must look for efficiencies. The Town of Hardisty has held a relationship with its local branch for 100+yrs. Today, in our archives are still ruminants of their banking history with CIBC. The bricks ‘n mortar include the people who open its doors every banking day to greet our residents. In the move to virtual we will lose this to “please click here” or “login in here”. The Town of Hardisty’s Account Mgr. Richard MacSween, says that they fully intend to still provide people service to their commercial clients with him making “house calls”. Hardisty will be a big part of his monthly agenda. While the personal account holders will be introduced to their Contact Centre or will be making a trip to Provost or Camrose to get that warm friendly “How can I help you today?” greeting. As much of this is a shock to ALL of us, CIBC is not the only chartered financial institution to make these changes. Not less than some 15+yrs Bank of Montreal sold many of its rural branch portfolios to their local credit unions (Killam, Sedgewick) & many others not as close to us here in Hardisty. Royal Bank of Canada too closed many of its rural branches in this time frame merging them to larger centers still within commuting distances of their closed branches. Our community sustainability depends on the ability of people to access services and those services providing a tax base to the communities they serve. Employees bring homes into the community, children to our school and sometimes they bring gramma & grandpa with them to. Continuing to sustain our tax base so that we may create & sustain a community for their employees & families. Our CIBC representative says please stay tuned in the coming months for more information as it relates to this forth coming change and a renewed presence of in your portfolio of internet based activities along with their competitive interest rates that they will continue to offer. To our local staff at Hardisty CIBC Branch, you serve us well, and hope that in the coming months it gets easier for you knowing that you are the mortar that will help all of us deal with these forth coming changes.

Sandy Otto
Town of Hardisty

Author: Town of Hardisty


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