Our assessment function is contracted to Wainwright Assessment Group Ltd., who perform all facets of the assessment process. Gary Barber is the Town's Appointed Assessor as per Bylaw. Wainwright Assessment Group Ltd. is committed to ensuring the Town's assessment base is fair and equitable and would welcome any questions with regards to your assessment.
Wainwright Assessment Group Ltd.
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Assessment general overview

The Town is responsible for the assessments of all residential, commercial, industrial and farmland properties located within the boundaries of the Town. Alberta Municipal Affairs is responsible for the assessment of linear properties which include power lines, telecommunication systems, pipelines, oil and gas wells. Market-value assessments are used for residential and non residential properties. Assessments are used as a means of distributing the taxes among properties within a municipality.

Residential and non-residential property assessment

Residential and non-residential properties are assessed at market-value. The assessor first gathers all pertinent information on the property and then compares this information with other comparable properties that have sold on the open market to determine what the assessment is for the property. All factors attributable to value are included in the valuation, including out-buildings etc. Personal belongings, however, are not included in the valuation for the property.

Farm properties/farmland assessment

Farm homes in an urban municipality are assessed like any other home and at market value. Farm out-buildings in an urban municipality are assessed at 50 per cent of market value by regulation.

Industrial (commercial) assessment

These properties include gas plants, compressor stations, smaller industrial properties which are assessed using the Provincial Machinery and Equipment assessment manual. Larger Industrial properties are assessed using the actual installation costs which have been adjusted for certain non-assessable costs.