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TransCanada looks to ship oil to U.S. by rail amid Keystone XL delays - CBC
TransCanada may ship more oil by rail - Western Producer

Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Program

Spanning from Hardisty, Alta. to Gretna, Man. and south from the U.S. - Canada border into North Dakota, Minn. and Wisconsin, the Line 3 Replacement Program will create thousands of jobs, generate hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue, and contribute billions to the GDP of Canada and the United States via direct, indirect, and induced benefits.
Over the approximately three years it will take to replace Line 3, about 44,400 temporary full-time equivalent jobs will be created – 25,900 in Canada and 18,500 in the U.S.

To read more about this project, visit www.enbridge.com

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