Flagstaff Family & Community Services (FFCS)  

Flagstaff Family and Community Services (FFCS) can assist you in improving the quality of life for you and your community. FFCS listens to people, helps them discover goals for themselves or their communities, and then tries to work out ways to meet these goals. As much as possible, FFCS tries to act as a resource in the community rather than a services agency. People are encouraged to do as much work for themselves as they can and to involve their family, friends and other community members in the project.

Types of FFCS Programs/Services

As the needs of individuals and communities change often, so do FFCS programs and services. Some FFCS projects include things such as counselling, day home, adult support and resources, advocacy, leadership, social program funding, parenting support and resources, information and referral, social impact studies and social planning.

Also available are:

  • Flagstaff KINship Services (Person with Developmental Disabilities Program)
  • FIRST (Flagstaff Initiative to Spousal Abuse and Trauma)

Counselling Services

The Counselling Services operates under a qualified counsellor providing long and shirt term support to individuals and families in need. The service provides marital, individual and career counselling. Counselling may take the form of a telephone conversation, office visit, group discussion or an education component.

FIRST (Flagstaff Initiative to Spousal Abuse and Trauma)

FIRST is an RCMP officer and a counsellor team that offers follow-up services to both male and female victims of domestic violence, spousal abuse and relationship trauma. This is not a crisis intervention service. The team offers support, information and referrals to appropriate agencies if necessary. People requiring services can do so through self, doctor and other professional referrals. For more information call 1-888-385-3974 or RCMP at 780-385-3509.

Family Day House

Family Day House is a monitored, licensed program that is designed to provide safe and quality care to children. Providers care for no more than six children at a time. Programs are built around daily activities. Childcare fees can be subsidized through Ribstone Child and Family Services.

Flagstaff KINship Services

Flagstaff KINship Services is a consumer guided program providing Supported Independent Living to those in the community requiring these supports. We currently have a three-space residence for gentlemen. We also provide Employment Preparation Services for individuals within the program needing assistance in varying degrees.