Road Maintenance

UPDATES - June 30, 2017

The resurfacing of 49 Avenue, Meadow Lane, and 45 and 44 streets is now complete. Enjoy the new roads.

Hardisty Lake Boat Launch Road is open, but we ask users to be careful as water is still high and the shoulders of the raised road are very soft. Please watch for any signage as it is there to protect you and the integrity of the road.

Highway 13-Highway 881 construction is about to begin. The project details are below.

Hwy 13 and 881 TP_Page_1

Hwy 13 and 881 TP_Page_2

Random Hardisty Road Facts

Grader Town of Hardisty annually budgets for roadway and lane maintenance. Roughly 20 kilometres of road, some paved with hot asphalt, some with cold-mix asphalt, and some gravel, are maintained by the town.