Hardisty and District Handivan Society

Hardisty and District Handivan Society

Scope of Services

The Hardisty & District Handivan Society provides transit services to the residents of Hardisty and the surrounding district who have special transportation needs.


  • Seniors who require transportation to appointments, in or out of town

  • Seniors who wish to attend special events

  • Families or special groups may rent the Handivan for special events involving seniors or disabled persons

  • Area residents of any age who are disabled in some way and have special transportation needs

  • Long-term care residents of Hardisty Health Centre

Features of Handivan

  • 8 passengers & 4 wheelchairs with conversation/card table, plus driver

  • Convertible to 12 passengers & 2 wheelchairs, plus driver

  • Air conditioning

  • Windows that open

  • Emergency exits

  • Wheelchair entrance doors with hydraulic lift for ease of loading

  • Hours of Operation

The Handivan is available for rent 7 days a week – dependent on availability of drivers for the required hours.


$0.75 a kilometer - $10.00 minimum

Payable to the Handivan Society

$20 per hour for driver

Paid by renters of the Handivan

Call Marlene Buelow at (780)888-3660.

Persons booking the Handivan are required to make their own arrangements for the services of a qualified driver from the available driver pool. Marlene will give you names and numbers of qualified drivers.

For more information:
For information or to support the Handivan Society contact Diane Fossum (president) at 888-1312, Anita Miller (secretary) at 888-7305, or Belva Dosdall (treasurer) at 888-3575