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Notice of Development

Development Permits Issued 2020

L=Lot, B=Block, P=Plan

Notice is hereby given that the Development Authority has authorized the issuance of the following Development Permits in accordance with the Town of Hardisty Land Use Bylaw.


Permit No 2020-001

L4-7, B12, P76U

Use & Storage of Recreational Vehicles


Permit No 2020-002

L24, B26, P172 0652

Structural Roof Changes & Repairs


Permit No 2020-003

L16-18, B6, P945R

Installation of 10 meter wood pole


Permit No 2020-005

L13-14, B16, P6726AJ

Cement Driveway


Permit No 2020-006

L26, B16, P752 0527

Remove Manufactured Home


Permit No 2020-007

L1, P982 2598

Demolition of Accessory Building