Notice of Development

Development Permits Issued

L=Lot, B=Block, P=Plan

Notice is hereby given that the Development Authority has authorized the issuance of the following Development Permits in accordance with the Town of Hardisty Land Use Bylaw.


Permit No 2023-001(MPC)                    L8, B1, P982 2587

Communications Tower


 Permit No 2023-002                              L L, B1, P772 0414



Permit No 2023-003                              L 13, B 1, P072 9501

Upgrades and Renovations                       


Permit No 2023-004                              L 7, B2, P032 0712



Permit No 2023-005                              L 10-12, B2, P945R

Sidewalk Patio


Permit No 2023-006                              L 10, B2, P952 3422



Permit No 2023-007                              L 11, B2, P092 1516