K-Club Logo


Mission Statement
The Hardisty K-Club is a non-profit women's organization providing support to local associations, services and community members. Areas where we contribute to include recreational & educational activities, minor sports & performing arts and family & social functions. Also, donated towards:

  • Playground at Hardisty Lake

  • Handivan

  • Skating Club

  • Curling Club

  • Zamboni Fund

  • A.L.S. Society of Alberta

  • M.S.

  • Cancer Society

  • Running Club

  • Public Library

  • School Awards presentations

  • E.C.S., Playschool, Grade 9 Farewell

  • And more!

Are you a gal that is new to Hardisty or new to hearing about the K-Club? Would you like to get out, meet new people and help your community out at the same time? Give us a call if you would like to join us!