Hardisty Agricultural Society

The Hardisty Agricultural Society celebrated 40 years in 2012.

Since Incorporation the Hardisty Ag Society has been involved with the Operation & Capital Projects connected to the Hardisty Arena & Hardisty Lake Park.

  • 1991 the Hardisty Ag Society signed a working agreement with the Town of Hardisty to Operate the Hardisty Lake Park & Hardisty Arena, maintain the Hardisty Rodeo Grounds and Ball Diamonds. This agreement gets reviewed and renewed on a regular basis.

Box 377, Hardisty, AB T0B 1V0 

Email: agsociety@hardistyag.ca


2024 Hardisty Ag Society Grant Application

2024 Hardisty Ag Society Grant Application

Society Board

The Hardisty Agricultural Society is made up of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Book Keeper and a minimum of 12 directors.  The directors represent the various groups in our Community so we have a better understanding of what is happening around Town. 

Executive Committee
President: James Morrison
Vice President: Sherry Lesmeister

Vice President: Anita Miller
Bookkeeper: Deb Harrison
Secretary/Treasurer: Penny Fleming


Kent Drager, Diane Fossum, Marg Shott, Kevin Buelow, Brenda Buelow, Sherry Morrison, Tracy Drager, Michelle Fisher, Eric Foster, Tammy Maxwell, Diane Fossum, Ivan Lesmeister

Hardisty Lake Park

The Ag Society took over the operation of the lake in 1992 and started installing power to sites.  They purchased the first shower house facility in 1993 and replaced it in 2009.

More power sites were completed in 1996.  A cabin was purchased for the lake office and staff. We continued to install water/ sewer to existing power sites in 1998/99.  The roofing on all outdoor washrooms was replaced at the Lake & Rodeo Grounds in 2001.  Water/sewer were installed to 12 more sites in 2003.  Upgrades to the playground were done in 2003 and 2007. A washroom facility was purchased for the beach in 2004 and a chain link fence was installed along the beach in 2005. We installed more water/sewer to 12 sites in 2006.  We purchased a new Exmark mower in 2005, mule in 2006, Kubota tractor in 2007, and truck in 2007.   We added 4 new sites in 2009, water/sewer to 3 existing sites. New window and door upgrades were done to the cabin in 2010/11/12. The old shop was replaced in 2012/13.  In 2015 the office cabin had new siding installed and a new well shed was built.

In 2016 the Hardisty Ag Society built 24 more campsites adjacent to the Golf Course.  In 2017 the Golf Course will take over operation of those sites for added operation funds to operate the Golf Course.  The Golf Course will be reimbursing the Ag Society for the capital cost of the campsites and it is a great addition to our Community.

Gibson Energy Centre

The Hardisty Arena is looked after by a sub-committee: “The Hardisty Arena Management Board”. The Management board has representatives from each group within the Arena to help with the day to day decision and the operations of the Arena.

The Hardisty Arena Complex is open from October 1 – March 31 each year. It has been home to Hardisty Minor Hockey, Skating Club, Hardisty Longhorns, Hardisty Falcons, Hardisty Stampeders and Hardisty Curling Club.

Some of the projects that the Ag Society has assisted with have been:

  • Artificial Ice Plant, new Lobby addition. 
  • We assisted with the installation of the first Fire Alarm system in 1979, followed by upgrades to that system in 1987 and then did a Major fire/life safety renovation in 2008/09 at a cost of 1 million with a $500,000 grant from the government.
  • New tin roofing was put on in 1986. 
  • The Ag Society hosted Hockey School & Grizzly Hockey in 1995 and 1996 with proceeds to Arena Operations. 
  • Kitchen Renovations & Curling Club Renovations were done in 1998, and new Boards around the ice service were done in 1999.  
  • The Ag Society assisted with the Curling Club Cement Project in 2001 and a new Zamboni in 2003. 
  • The Parking Lot was paved in 2006 with assistance from numerous groups & organizations within the Arena.
  • A Security System for the Arena/Curling Rink was installed in 2006/07 season. 
  • A new score clock was purchased in 2010/2011 with AG Initiatives grant.  In the 2011/2012 season netting was installed around the arena with Casino funds.
  • In 2012 we held a big fundraiser in the Arena for “Raise the Roof” and replace the tin on the Arena.
  • In 2014 we installed new LED lighting in the Arena Complex with Casino funds.
  • In 2015 a new overhead door was installed on the back wall and the back wall was repaired under direction from Noel Guenard who helped build the Arena back in the 50’s.
  • In 2016 a big fundraiser was held in the Arena for “Save the Foundation” and $70,000 was raised for the dressing room renovations.
  • In 2017 the Arena is scheduled for dressing room renovations.

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